Backpacker, Soleil ‘Sunny’ Reyer is gone. Tanned, blonde, glowing and star of the Missing poster; no one thought fruit-picking could be deadly.

Journalist, Jessica Steyn was the last person to pick up the hitchhiking Sunny and give her a lift back to her hostel. Jessica is assigned to the missing person story – the biggest story of her short career – dig, dig, dig … until she buries herself.

Fifteen years later, Sunny’s cold case file has never left Detective Nick Clarkson’s desk, in the same way that he can’t leave Strand Harbour. Less hair, marriage over, no sign of Sunny.

But author Coen Watson is new in town. He’s counting on Strand Harbour to cure his writer’s block – after all, his people are water people; his trust in it is marrow-deep. Unpacking, he forces open a drawer corroded by salt air and finds a faded Missing poster for ‘Sunny’ Reyer. The author begins picking at old wounds.